Debt Recovery

Cashflow is vital to any business. Without cashflow a business can suffocate and there are many factors to improving your cash flow in order to make your business grow and become profitable.

Whether you are a small business owner or a self-employed individual you may find yourself trying to track down payment from a customer who has an outstanding invoice. AJD Accountants has a number of suppliers of debt collection services that we can recommend to you. Our suppliers specialise in an efficient and cost-effective cash collection service. They can offer you advice and can manage either individual invoices or your entire sales ledger; ensuring that the service is tailored to your needs.

While other firms head rapidly towards the courts, our experts take a careful, measured approach that gets results more swiftly and far more cost-effectively. Our skilled mediation and absolute professionalism not only recover your debts but safeguard valuable relationships and protect future business opportunities.

Monthly reports are sent to clients by email and if any response or payment is received from the debtor this is reported immediately to the client. The aim is to recover your money, along with interest and costs where possible as quickly and effectively as possible.

A full list of services available to you:

  • Commercial Debt Recovery
  • Consumer Debt Recovery
  • Bulk Letter Service for volume debtors
  • Undisclosed Credit Control
  • Sales Ledger Management
  • Insolvency Book Debt Collection
  • Company/Land Registry Searches
  • Status Reports & Credit Checks
  • Enquiry Agents & Tracing services
  • Advice and guidance on account opening procedures (e.g. Incorporation of Terms and Conditions & Retention of Title)
  • Nationwide Process Serving of documents